What we do

BcomS Cloud

A solution that gives you the possibility to manage all your financial information of your offices worldwide, collecting data automated and analyse the results. No matter you have only a smartphone or a smartwatch. Be informed what’s going on wherever you are!

ComSy World

That’s our vision for the future in Cloud Computing and IoT. Be a part of it! And you would be impressed how it works for your success! System gives you the power to automate most processes in the company and run your business in one hand.

Integrated solutions

Our software products are ready to be integrated in a managing system, which we call CISS – cloud integrated system solution. There you could manage not only your finance information, your personnel and your devices – IoT, but everything you would need to add in future. Because technologies and your business are growing up!

Why choose our software

ComSy 54

is an IT company with more than 10 years experience in development of software solutions. Our main idea is optimization of business processes. We aim to integrate high technology innovations in company's activity. It results in increasing sales, more and more happy customers and success. The most important, which refers to our software systems is to manage your business - easily, secure and mobile!

  • Increase speed
  • Sales go up
  • Secure
  • Mobile data

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