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Delivery & Task Cloud – speed up the process of delivery by facilitating your delivery teams with the usage of cloud computing!
Delivery Cloud is an application for companies, whose activity is connected to trading goods and their delivery to the final customer. The android app allows the company to receive orders from its clients directly to mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices. The manager tracks down the execution of the daily plan at any moment. Now since the application uses cloud computing it allows the manager not only to observe the performance but to delegate new tasks to the field teams according to their location. The product allows the company to implement a universal system for management and execution of orders. 
10046607_sComsy Tourist Manager
Comsy Tourist Manager is appropriate application for guides. There is a centralized system (server) in which every hotel appears as an object. As soon as a tourist has a request for sightseeing in the city, the system is introduced coordinates of all the hotels, they work with, and Comsy Tourist Manager offers some of the free guides, which is located nearly to the hotel and the request is sent to take the order.

Computer-MobileComsy Manager Corporate

This mobile application is designed to be installed on more than one mobile device – mobile phones and tablets. Suitable for companies seeking quick and high quality service to its customers and achieve high performance Comsy Manager Corporate helps you to distribute the execution of official tasks between managers and employees in each team, enabling them to work together anytime and anywhere. If your company activities relating to delivery, customer service, logistics, visiting to customers, this Android application allows you to set the coordinates of objects on the map. With this functionality team supervisor may designate an agent of the task closest to the nearby customer or object, without losing any time.


10286370_sComsy Manager +

This mobile application includes all the features of the basic version + grouping of the responsible persons in teams. This information could be sent in electronic messages / e-mail, sms /. In addition it has a special groups, for example “Supply Department” or “Customer Service” and so on. To every special group or team can be sent group messages.